The Office of Research is dedicated to supporting UC students, staff and faculty throughout their lifecycle of scholarly research and creative activities.



The University of Cincinnati research enterprise integrates the arts, sciences and technology to provide unique opportunities for discovery, development and education that cross the traditional academic boundaries. UC’s agile research enterprise can address current challenges and discern future possibilities for exploration that will benefit the greater Cincinnati community and the world beyond.


The Office of Research provides the University of Cincinnati research community with excellent services that enhance scholarship and research.

Core Values

Committed to Quality
Collaborative & Transparent

Office of Research Leadership

Executive Research Advisory Board

The Executive Research Advisory Board is responsible for reviewing the annual activities of the Research2030 strategic plan, assess the impacts of this plan, and provide input to future initiatives and directions as part of Research2030. This board meets every six months with the annual assessment tied to the fiscal calendar of the university.

Office of Research Liaison

Jane Strasser  

Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) is responsible for providing input and development of university strategies affecting research, communicating, and advocating for research across the university, and assisting the Office of Research with events and activities that recognize and benefit the research enterprise.

Consistent with Research2030, RAB will be modified starting in AY21/22 to be composed of three standing committees: Talent, Infrastructure, and Partnerships. These committees will have specific charges and be provided resources to accomplish their tasks.

RAB members will serve on one of the three committees. Committees are expected to meet at least quarterly. The entire Research Advisory Board will meet once per semester for updates and once annually with the Executive Research Advisory Board and other Office of Research leadership for review and assessment.

Talent Committee - led by Terri Reed

AY21/22 Charge: (1) Create researcher’s learning community; (2) Work with Talent Acquisition unit in HR to establish materials/information that can be used to support recruitment of research staff, faculty, and graduate students.

  • Gordon Gillespie 

  • Amy Lind

  • Tamara Lorenz

  • James Mack

  • Claudia Rebola

  • Jennifer Wright-Berryman

  • Melinda Butsch-Kovacic

Infrastructure Committee – led by Ken Greis

AY21/22 Charge: (1) Review and recommend process to support institutional infrastructure investments for lab/space renovations and critical equipment support/replacement (including addressing impacts of power failures to research equipment); (2) Create 5-year core facility investment/growth plan to support R2030.

  • Adam Aurisano

  • Tiffany Grant

  • Christy Holland

  • Gautam Pillay

  • Ashley Paz y Puente

  • Bingfang Yan

Partnerships Committee – led by Jennifer Krivickas

AY21/22 Charge: (1) Collect information on existing outreach initiatives/centers and create pathways for them to communicate with each other; (2) Identify existing gaps in the UC outreach portfolio and make recommendations/start efforts to close these gaps (i.e. new staffing, forming new outreach centers, etc.); (3) Propose a hub-based approach for UC researchers facilitating coordinated outreach to the community

  • Felix Chang

  • Sarah Jackson

  • Jonathan Kregor

  • Chris Lewis

  • Suzanne Masterson

  • Sonya Turner

  • Michael Griffith